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Lighting Science

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Lighting Science Group Corporation is a market leader of super-bright LED arrays used in general illumination, automotive, signage, and signal applications. Lighting Science Group Corporation develops and manufactures high density LED arrays in white, RGB and monochrome, from 1W to 100W, and custom product solutions.

Lighting Science Group Corporation's proprietary packaging technology, multilayer Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic on Metal (LTCC-M), is a breakthrough in LED packaging technology. LTCC-M technology provides unmatched thermal performance, a primary factor in determining LED life and reliability. By managing thermal performance and interconnectivity. Lighting Science Group Corporation is able to densely pack multiple LEDs to achieve exceptionally high luminous intensity with very small footprints.

Lighting Science Group Corporation was founded in 2001 and occupies a state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot automated manufacturing facility. The company's headquarters are in Westampton, New Jersey. Investors include Morgenthaler Venture Partners, Sarnoff Corporation, and Kemet Electronics Corporation


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