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Samsung Electro Mechanics (SEMCO) was established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Samsung Corporation. SEMCO is a global leader supplying passive components in multiple industry sectors. SEMCO consists of four divisions: optical & mechatronics, circuit drive, advanced circuit interconnect, and LCR. SEMCO has manufacturing presence in five countries and direct sales presence in over fifteen countries. 

The LCR division product line includes multilayer ceramic capacitors, tantalum, polymer tantalum, inductors, beads, filters, resistors, crystals, and crystal oscillators. Within each of these product families, SEMCO offers advanced products for a variety of application specific solutions. SEMCO is an industry leader in material and new technology development which is exemplified in the innovative MLCC product line. SEMCO offers the worlds highest capacitance values in the smallest size. SEMCO LCR division has number one market share in consumer electronics.

This means that almost every person in the world is using a SEMCO passive component in some aspect of their lives. This includes mobile phones, televisions, GPS, notebook computers, medical monitoring devices, white goods, lighting, and many more! SEMCO's rapid growth is attributed to market leading technology, strong cost competitiveness, and fast & accurate determination


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