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Photo Part Number Manufacturer Package Description Quantity ROHS Remark Application/Parameter Inquiry
CXM3592AUR-T9 CXM3592AUR-T9 SONY QFN 18+ 50000 CXM3592AUR-T9 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CXM3592AUR-T9 Application/Parameter
CXD3551GG CXD3551GG SONY BGA 18+ 6000 CXD3551GG RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CXD3551GG Application/Parameter
CXA1538S CXA1538S SONY DIP 18+ 5000 CXA1538S RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CXA1538S Application/Parameter
CXA1538M CXA1538M SONY SOP 18+ 20000 CXA1538M RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CXA1538M Application/Parameter
CXA1096M-T6 CXA1096M-T6 SONY SOP 18+ 20000 CXA1096M-T6 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CXA1096M-T6 Application/Parameter
CXA1096M CXA1096M SONY N/A 18+ 3000 CXA1096M RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CXA1096M Application/Parameter
CX86710-12 CX86710-12 CONEXANT TQFP64 18+ 20000 CX86710-12 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CX86710-12 Application/Parameter
CX25850-22Z CX25850-22Z CONEXANT BGA 18+ 5000 CX25850-22Z RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CX25850-22Z Application/Parameter
CX25821-11Z CX25821-11Z CONEXANT BGA 18+ 3000 CX25821-11Z RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CX25821-11Z Application/Parameter
CSNP661 CSNP661 HONEYWELL DIP3 18+ 5000 CSNP661 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CSNP661 Application/Parameter
CS35L26-CWZR CS35L26-CWZR CIRRUS SMD 18+ 20000 CS35L26-CWZR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CS35L26-CWZR Application/Parameter
CRH02 CRH02 TOSHIBA SOD-123 18+ 20000 CRH02 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CRH02 Application/Parameter
CR3CM CR3CM MIT TO-202 18+ 5000 CR3CM RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CR3CM Application/Parameter
CG109A CG109A BOSCH QFP 18+ 5000 CG109A RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CG109A Application/Parameter
CD4046BF3A CD4046BF3A TI CDIP16 18+ 2000 CD4046BF3A RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CD4046BF3A Application/Parameter
CD4011BNSR CD4011BNSR TI N/A 18+ 5000 CD4011BNSR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CD4011BNSR Application/Parameter
CC3200R1M2RGCR CC3200R1M2RGCR TI VQFN64 18+ 20000 CC3200R1M2RGCR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CC3200R1M2RGCR Application/Parameter
CC2530F256 CC2530F256 TI QFN 18+ 5000 CC2530F256 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 CC2530F256 Application/Parameter
C8051F761-GMR C8051F761-GMR SILICOM QFN 18+ 10000 C8051F761-GMR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 C8051F761-GMR Application/Parameter
CY8C5268LTI-LP030 CY8C5268LTI-LP030 CYPRESS QFN NEW D/C 4800 CY8C5268LTI-LP030 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CY8C5268LTI-LP030 Application/Parameter
CY7C66013-PVXC CY7C66013-PVXC CYPRESS SSOP48 NEW D/C 4000 CY7C66013-PVXC RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CY7C66013-PVXC Application/Parameter
CXD3740R-S3-T4 CXD3740R-S3-T4 SONY QFP48 NEW D/C 4000 CXD3740R-S3-T4 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CXD3740R-S3-T4 Application/Parameter
CXA7002R-T6 CXA7002R-T6 SONY QFP64 NEW D/C 8800 CXA7002R-T6 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CXA7002R-T6 Application/Parameter
CSD18540Q5B CSD18540Q5B TI VSON8 NEW D/C 280000 CSD18540Q5B RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CSD18540Q5B Application/Parameter
CD4512BF. CD4512BF. TI - NEW D/C 2500 CD4512BF. RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CD4512BF. Application/Parameter
CC2538NF23RTQR CC2538NF23RTQR TI QFN56 NEW D/C 12000 CC2538NF23RTQR RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CC2538NF23RTQR Application/Parameter
CC2538NF23 CC2538NF23 TI QFN56 NEW D/C 8000 CC2538NF23 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CC2538NF23 Application/Parameter
CAT24M01WI-GT3 CAT24M01WI-GT3 ON SOP8 NEW D/C 28000 CAT24M01WI-GT3 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CAT24M01WI-GT3 Application/Parameter
CAT24C02YI-GT3A CAT24C02YI-GT3A ON TSSOP8 NEW D/C 9000 CAT24C02YI-GT3A RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! CAT24C02YI-GT3A Application/Parameter
CY7C2170KV18-550BZXC CY7C2170KV18-550BZXC Integrated Device Technology - IC SRAM 4.5MBIT 166MHZ 119BGA 20472 CY7C2170KV18-550BZXC RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory CY7C2170KV18-550BZXC Application/Parameter
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