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Photo Part Number Manufacturer Package Description Quantity ROHS Remark Application/Parameter Inquiry
EUP3618JIR1 EUP3618JIR1 EUTECH TDFN-10 18+ 5000 EUP3618JIR1 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EUP3618JIR1 Application/Parameter
EPM7192EGC160-20 EPM7192EGC160-20 ALTERA PGA 18+ 10000 EPM7192EGC160-20 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EPM7192EGC160-20 Application/Parameter
EP8324 EP8324 QLOGIC BGA 18+ 1000 EP8324 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EP8324 Application/Parameter
EP4CE115F23I7N EP4CE115F23I7N ALTERA BGA 18+ 3000 EP4CE115F23I7N RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EP4CE115F23I7N Application/Parameter
EP4CE30F23I7N EP4CE30F23I7N ALTERA 3000 18+ 0 EP4CE30F23I7N RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EP4CE30F23I7N Application/Parameter
EP3SL200F1152I4N EP3SL200F1152I4N ALTERA BGA 18+ 2000 EP3SL200F1152I4N RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EP3SL200F1152I4N Application/Parameter
EP1C20F324I7N EP1C20F324I7N ALTERA BGA 18+ 2000 EP1C20F324I7N RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EP1C20F324I7N Application/Parameter
EDW4032BABG-60-F-D EDW4032BABG-60-F-D MICRON BGA 18+ 2000 EDW4032BABG-60-F-D RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EDW4032BABG-60-F-D Application/Parameter
EB2-5TNU EB2-5TNU NEC SMD 18+ 3000 EB2-5TNU RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 EB2-5TNU Application/Parameter
EDW2032BBBG-6A-F-R EDW2032BBBG-6A-F-R MICRON - NEW D/C 4000 EDW2032BBBG-6A-F-R RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! EDW2032BBBG-6A-F-R Application/Parameter
ECHU1C102V05 ECHU1C102V05 Panasonic - NEW D/C 8000 ECHU1C102V05 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! ECHU1C102V05 Application/Parameter
EPC16UC88AA EPC16UC88AA Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 16MBIT 88UBGA 11607 EPC16UC88AA RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC16UC88AA Application/Parameter
EPC1064LI20 EPC1064LI20 Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 65KBIT 20PLCC 9040 EPC1064LI20 RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC1064LI20 Application/Parameter
EPCS16SI16N EPCS16SI16N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 16MBIT 16SOIC 5673 EPCS16SI16N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPCS16SI16N Application/Parameter
EPCQL1024F24IN EPCQL1024F24IN Altera - IC QUAD-SERIAL LOW VOLTAGE CONFI 17985 EPCQL1024F24IN RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPCQL1024F24IN Application/Parameter
EPC16UI88N EPC16UI88N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 88UBGA 6584 EPC16UI88N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC16UI88N Application/Parameter
EPC16UI88AA EPC16UI88AA Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 88UBGA 18997 EPC16UI88AA RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC16UI88AA Application/Parameter
EPCQ512SI16N EPCQ512SI16N Altera - IC QUAD-SERIAL CONFIG DEVICE 512 9614 EPCQ512SI16N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPCQ512SI16N Application/Parameter
EPCQL512F24IN EPCQL512F24IN Altera - IC QUAD-SERIAL LOW VOLTAGE CONFI 19286 EPCQL512F24IN RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPCQL512F24IN Application/Parameter
EPC16UC88N EPC16UC88N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 16MBIT 88UBGA 8802 EPC16UC88N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC16UC88N Application/Parameter
EPC8QI100N EPC8QI100N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 8MBIT 100QFP 14588 EPC8QI100N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC8QI100N Application/Parameter
EPCE16QC100N EPCE16QC100N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 100QFP 14211 EPCE16QC100N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPCE16QC100N Application/Parameter
EPC4QI100N EPC4QI100N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 4MBIT 100QFP 13663 EPC4QI100N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC4QI100N Application/Parameter
EPCE8QC100N EPCE8QC100N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 100QFP 16308 EPCE8QC100N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPCE8QC100N Application/Parameter
EPCE4QC100N EPCE4QC100N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 100QFP 14225 EPCE4QC100N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPCE4QC100N Application/Parameter
EPC1LI20N EPC1LI20N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 1MBIT 20PLCC 17755 EPC1LI20N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC1LI20N Application/Parameter
EPC1LI20 EPC1LI20 Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 1MBIT 20PLCC 7992 EPC1LI20 RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC1LI20 Application/Parameter
EPC1213LI20 EPC1213LI20 Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 212KBIT 20PLCC 18783 EPC1213LI20 RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC1213LI20 Application/Parameter
EPC1213PI8 EPC1213PI8 Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 212KBIT 8DIP 6546 EPC1213PI8 RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC1213PI8 Application/Parameter
EPC1LC20N EPC1LC20N Altera - IC CONFIG DEVICE 1MBIT 20PLCC 9710 EPC1LC20N RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory EPC1LC20N Application/Parameter
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