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Photo Part Number Manufacturer Package Description Quantity ROHS Remark Application/Parameter Inquiry
FT8010MPX FT8010MPX FAIRCHILD QFN 18+ 30000 FT8010MPX RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 FT8010MPX Application/Parameter
FSB44104A FSB44104A FAIRCHILD SPM23 18+ 800 FSB44104A RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 FSB44104A Application/Parameter
FN1A4Z-T1B FN1A4Z-T1B NEC SOT23 18+ 20000 FN1A4Z-T1B RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 FN1A4Z-T1B Application/Parameter
FMMTH10TA FMMTH10TA ZETEX SOT-23 18+ 30000 FMMTH10TA RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 FMMTH10TA Application/Parameter
FH12EW-45S-0.5SH(01) FH12EW-45S-0.5SH(01) HRS 45PIN 18+ 5000 FH12EW-45S-0.5SH(01) RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 FH12EW-45S-0.5SH(01) Application/Parameter
FD0257FR-G1 FD0257FR-G1 FEELING TS-826 18+ 10000 FD0257FR-G1 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 FD0257FR-G1 Application/Parameter
FA5502P-A2 FA5502P-A2 FUJI DIP-16 18+ 5000 FA5502P-A2 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 FA5502P-A2 Application/Parameter
F28023DAS F28023DAS TI TSSOP 18+ 20000 F28023DAS RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 F28023DAS Application/Parameter
FGAF40N60UFTU FGAF40N60UFTU FAIRCHILD TO-3PF NEW D/C 4800 FGAF40N60UFTU RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! FGAF40N60UFTU Application/Parameter
FDMS86101 FDMS86101 ON QFN NEW D/C 16000 FDMS86101 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! FDMS86101 Application/Parameter
F256BFHTPBSL85 F256BFHTPBSL85 Integrated Device Technology - IC SRAM 4MBIT 15NS 36SOJ 15332 F256BFHTPBSL85 RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory F256BFHTPBSL85 Application/Parameter
FM22L16-55-TGTR FM22L16-55-TGTR Cypress Semiconductor Corp - IC NVSRAM 64KBIT 40MHZ 8SOIC 21831 FM22L16-55-TGTR RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM22L16-55-TGTR Application/Parameter
FM21LD16-60-BG FM21LD16-60-BG Integrated Device Technology - IC SRAM 1MBIT 12NS 44SOJ 8839 FM21LD16-60-BG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM21LD16-60-BG Application/Parameter
FM28V100-TG FM28V100-TG Alliance - IC SDRAM 1G 64MX16 84-FBGA 16395 FM28V100-TG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM28V100-TG Application/Parameter
FM21L16-60-TGTR FM21L16-60-TGTR Cypress Semiconductor Corp - IC SRAM 2MBIT 55NS 48VFBGA 17878 FM21L16-60-TGTR RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM21L16-60-TGTR Application/Parameter
FM28V202A-TG FM28V202A-TG Alliance - IC SRAM 128K X 8 3.3V 32-SOJ 3247 FM28V202A-TG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM28V202A-TG Application/Parameter
FM28V202A-TGTR FM28V202A-TGTR Integrated Device Technology - IC SRAM 1MBIT 12NS 32SOJ 20619 FM28V202A-TGTR RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM28V202A-TGTR Application/Parameter
FM25V20-PG FM25V20-PG Alliance - IC SRAM 32K X 8 5.0V 28-SOJ 9782 FM25V20-PG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM25V20-PG Application/Parameter
FM1808B-SG FM1808B-SG Macronix - IC FLASH 4MBIT 90NS 44SOP 10888 FM1808B-SG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM1808B-SG Application/Parameter
FM28V100-TGTR FM28V100-TGTR Cypress Semiconductor Corp - IC FRAM 16KBIT 20MHZ 8SOIC 11626 FM28V100-TGTR RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM28V100-TGTR Application/Parameter
F128BFHTPTTL75A F128BFHTPTTL75A Winbond Electronics - IC FLASH 16MBIT 104MHZ 8WSON 19429 F128BFHTPTTL75A RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory F128BFHTPTTL75A Application/Parameter
FM18W08-SG FM18W08-SG Winbond Electronics - IC FLASH 1MBIT 104MHZ 8SOIC 21581 FM18W08-SG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM18W08-SG Application/Parameter
FM25V20-DG FM25V20-DG Micron Technology - IC FLASH 1TBIT 6530 FM25V20-DG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM25V20-DG Application/Parameter
FM25V20A-G FM25V20A-G Micron Technology - IC FLASH 512GBIT 14965 FM25V20A-G RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM25V20A-G Application/Parameter
FM25V20A-PG FM25V20A-PG Micron Technology - IC FLASH 512GBIT 20678 FM25V20A-PG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM25V20A-PG Application/Parameter
FM18W08-PG FM18W08-PG Maxim Integrated - IC NVSRAM 8MBIT 100NS 36EDIP 4307 FM18W08-PG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM18W08-PG Application/Parameter
FM28V020-T28G FM28V020-T28G Micron Technology - IC FLASH 512GBIT 21770 FM28V020-T28G RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM28V020-T28G Application/Parameter
FM1808B-SGTR FM1808B-SGTR Micron Technology - IC RLDRAM 576MBIT 1.25NS 168BGA 3034 FM1808B-SGTR RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM1808B-SGTR Application/Parameter
FM25H20-GTR FM25H20-GTR Micron Technology - IC FLASH 32GBIT 18722 FM25H20-GTR RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM25H20-GTR Application/Parameter
FM25V20A-DG FM25V20A-DG Micron Technology - IC FLASH 32GBIT VBGA 2927 FM25V20A-DG RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory FM25V20A-DG Application/Parameter
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