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Photo Part Number Manufacturer Package Description Quantity ROHS Remark Application/Parameter Inquiry
PT78HT265H PT78HT265H TI 模块 18+ 500 PT78HT265H RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PT78HT265H Application/Parameter
PR21555BB PR21555BB INTEL BGA 18+ 500 PR21555BB RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PR21555BB Application/Parameter
PPC405EP PPC405EP AMCC BGA 18+ 2000 PPC405EP RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PPC405EP Application/Parameter
PP25-24-5 PP25-24-5 LAMBDA N/A 18+ 500 PP25-24-5 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PP25-24-5 Application/Parameter
PM8172-PC-X PM8172-PC-X PMC BAG 18+ 5000 PM8172-PC-X RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PM8172-PC-X Application/Parameter
PM5376-FGI PM5376-FGI PMC BGA 18+ 500 PM5376-FGI RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PM5376-FGI Application/Parameter
PLP-50+ PLP-50+ Mini-Circ DIP 18+ 50000 PLP-50+ RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PLP-50+ Application/Parameter
PKM4304BPIHSLA PKM4304BPIHSLA REICSSON MK 18+ 5000 PKM4304BPIHSLA RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PKM4304BPIHSLA Application/Parameter
PE3236 PE3236 PEREGRIN PLCC 18+ 5000 PE3236 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PE3236 Application/Parameter
PCIMX31LCVR PCIMX31LCVR FREESCALE BGA 18+ 2000 PCIMX31LCVR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PCIMX31LCVR Application/Parameter
PCI7421 PCI7421 TI BGA 18+ 50000 PCI7421 RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PCI7421 Application/Parameter
PCF7352HTT PCF7352HTT NXP TSSOP24 18+ 20000 PCF7352HTT RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PCF7352HTT Application/Parameter
PCA9534RGVR PCA9534RGVR TI QFN 18+ 30000 PCA9534RGVR RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PCA9534RGVR Application/Parameter
PC123L2YSZ0F PC123L2YSZ0F SHARP DIP-4 18+ 10000 PC123L2YSZ0F RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PC123L2YSZ0F Application/Parameter
PBSS5540Z PBSS5540Z NEXPERIA SOT-223 18+ 200000 PBSS5540Z RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PBSS5540Z Application/Parameter
PAM8904JER PAM8904JER PAM QFN16 18+ 100000 PAM8904JER RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 PAM8904JER Application/Parameter
P2003EE P2003EE NIKO-SEM DFN33 18+ 60000 P2003EE RoHS Compliant/Lead free 原装正品 P2003EE Application/Parameter
PSKY77768-11 PSKY77768-11 - - NEW D/C 4860 PSKY77768-11 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PSKY77768-11 Application/Parameter
PTH08T210WAH PTH08T210WAH TI DIPMODULE NEW D/C 832 PTH08T210WAH RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PTH08T210WAH Application/Parameter
PM50B4LA060 PM50B4LA060 MITSUBISH MODULES NEW D/C 2568 PM50B4LA060 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PM50B4LA060 Application/Parameter
PM4A17N1 PM4A17N1 INFINEON TO-252 NEW D/C 1800 PM4A17N1 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PM4A17N1 Application/Parameter
PM30CTJ060 PM30CTJ060 MITSUBISH MODULE NEW D/C 2530 PM30CTJ060 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PM30CTJ060 Application/Parameter
PH150S 48-24 PH150S 48-24 - - NEW D/C 4000 PH150S 48-24 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PH150S 48-24 Application/Parameter
PD69008 PD69008 MICROSEMI QFN NEW D/C 4320 PD69008 RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PD69008 Application/Parameter
PCM1742KE/2K PCM1742KE/2K TI SSOP16 NEW D/C 7800 PCM1742KE/2K RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PCM1742KE/2K Application/Parameter
PCI2050PDV PCI2050PDV TI QFP NEW D/C 5264 PCI2050PDV RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PCI2050PDV Application/Parameter
PCA9539PW PCA9539PW NXP TSSOP24 NEW D/C 19523 PCA9539PW RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PCA9539PW Application/Parameter
PAC7366PJ PAC7366PJ PST QFN NEW D/C 1542 PAC7366PJ RoHS Compliant/Lead free New and Original! PAC7366PJ Application/Parameter
PCF8570T/F5,518 PCF8570T/F5,518 Microchip Technology - IC EEPROM 256KBIT 10MHZ 8SOIC 17966 PCF8570T/F5,518 RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory PCF8570T/F5,518 Application/Parameter
PCF8570T/F5,512 PCF8570T/F5,512 Microchip Technology - IC FLASH 8MBIT 70NS 48TFBGA 9170 PCF8570T/F5,512 RoHS Compliant/Lead free Memory PCF8570T/F5,512 Application/Parameter
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