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Polarizer TV Film Polarizing 19/29/24/32/37/42/46/47/49/52/55/60inch 0/90 Degree LCD Led Repair Tv Replacement Film


Understanding Polarizer Film

What does a polarized film do?

1.Polarizing Film', the core material of display that makes the screen clear and distinct.

2.Polarizing Film which is the core material of display makes the screen clear and distinct by adjusting the direction of light.

3.Polarizing Film has different role in LCD and OLED panel and 2 films will be used for LCD.


How does a polarizer work?

A polarizer or polariser is an optical filter that lets light waves of a specific polarization pass through while blocking light waves of other polarizations. It can filter a beam of light of undefined or mixed polarization into a beam of well-defined polarization, that is polarized light.


Why should the display use polarizer?

1.LCD is the use of optical rotation of liquid crystal, liquid crystal molecules with moderate thickness can make the polarization direction of light rotate 90° or 270° (the liquid crystal molecules due to the electric field action when the voltage is added, does not change the direction of the polarization of light), plus two polarizing pieces can make the whole liquid crystal box into a light.One is the polarizer (down, near the light source) and the other is the polarizer (near the eye).

2.If there were no polarizer, the incoming light would be circularly polarized, and the outgoing light would be circularly polarized, and there would be no image at all.It's all white.As for the LCD inside has RGB filter film, but to display red need green, blue all off, red open, it looks like red, if RGB due to the failure of polarizer, in full open state, it may go up is the compound light - white light.In fact, if you use a magnifying glass to magnify 10-20 times, you can see the RGB condition.


What role does LCD polarizer play in LCD screen?

1.LCD screen polarizer, play the role of light filter.LCD screen if there is no polarizer, there will not be any display, because the LCD screen at work, the main filter X direction or Y direction of light, this time only parallel light, if there is no polarizer, the naked eye can not see.Polarizer is very thin, if there is scratch, puncture, abrasion, in the production can not be used, so be careful when using.

2.Polarizer is used to develop with the liquid crystal.In the production process, the general first is to put two pieces of ordinary toughened glass, printed on the line, coated around the glue frame and then fold pressure, then in the middle of the two sides of the glass injection liquid crystal, sealing in the glass above and below each affixed with a polarizing piece.

3.The upper glass and the lower glass should be attached to the polarizer, but pay attention to the direction of the lower polarizer if it is to filter the X direction of light, the upper layer can only filter the Y direction of light, if up and down the same direction, the user can not see anything, although the liquid crystal display in normal work, but the naked eye can not see the polarizer.Now the color screen liquid crystal is generally only on the film, not the next film, the product of technological innovation.

Kaimeite polarizer products provideTFT polarizer, OLED polarizer.

Our products cover all kinds of LCD modes.

At the same time, according to customer needs, we can independently develop high-special customized products with high durability, ultra-thin, ultra-wide viewing angle, and high transmittanceand plan procurement solutions for customers to reduce overall costs.Polarizer products are widely used in industrial applications such as  tablet computers, computer displays, LCD TVs. 

Provide alternative specifications of Nitto, Sumitomo, LG, SAMSUNG major manufacturers.






Our products can be

compatible with Panel LED Tv Samsung, SHARP ,Panasonic LCD ,LG, Sharp, Sony, Haier, Panasonic, Philps, Sanyo, etc.

Polarizer TV Film Polarizing LCD Led Repair Tv Replacement Film 22in to 43inMeasurement of polarizing film: measurement of screen visibility (length + width)


Size (Long*wide) mm*mm


249 X 187.5


412 X 310


295.5 X 167.5


479.5 X 271


4:3 288 X 217 / 16:9  312.5 X 176.5


476.5 X 299.5


306.4 X 230.5


16:9   513 X 290.5/16:10 505 X 320

15.4in   wide

333.5 X 210


524 X 297

15.6in   wide

351 X 200


16:9   535 X 302/16:10 522 X 327


341 X 273


328 X 580

17in   wide

370 X 232


610 X 345


366 X 294


714 X 409


412.5 X 233


898 X 510


379.5 X 304


941 X  534

19in   wide

413.5 X 259.5 / 411.5X 258.5


16:9 1034 X 584 /16:10 1027 X 584

19.5in   wide

434.5 X 242


1080 X 610

20in   wide

16:9 446 X252 / 16:10   437 X 275


1158 X 654

Most laptop and desktop panels use 135 or  45 degrees, while large LCD LED TV screens use 0 and 90 degrees

For more sizes please feel free to contact us.Thank you for choosing Kaimeite.