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Coilcraft Highest Q Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors



Coilcraft Highest Q Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors

Coilcraft Highest Q Ceramic Wirewound Chip Inductors provide industry-leading Q factors with excellent current handling and DCR ratings. These wirewound inductors include an AEC0Q200, automotive-grade series (0805HQ) with the highest possible self resonance (10.3GHz). These Highest Q inductors also include series (0805HP) with tight, 2% tolerances and an ultra-wide range of inductance values (2.6 to 820nH). Coilcraft highest Q ceramic wirewound chip inductors are RoHS-compliant, 260°C compatible, and feature models with COTS Plus tin-silver-copper and tin-lead terminations. Design kits are available for sampling each series in the family.


  • Inductor family with very high Q factors, including some sub-series with industry-leading Q factors (for an 0805 case size)

  • Includes models with current handling and DCR ratings that range from "improved" to "exceptional"as well as those with exceptional low DCR ratings

  • Includes automotive-grade (AEC-Q200) models

  • Wide inductance range

  • Tight tolerances – 2% for most

  • RoHS compliant, halogen free 260°C compatible.

  • Wirewound construction for highest possible self resonance – up to 9.5 GHz

  • Includes designers kits for sampling range of inductane values in a given sub series