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AT45DB021E-SHN-T by Renesas Electronics Flash Memory


The AT45DB021E-SHN-T is part of the AT45DB series and is specifically designed for applications that require non-volatile, high-density data storage with a serial interface. This Flash memory device offers a convenient solution for embedded systems and applications such as data logging, configuration storage, and firmware storage in various electronic devices.


Key features and characteristics of the AT45DB021E-SHN-T may include:

  1. Serial Interface: The "Serial Peripheral Interface" (SPI) is a commonly used interface for Flash memory devices, providing a simple and efficient means of communication with microcontrollers and other digital devices.

  2. Density and Organization: The "021E" in the model name suggests a capacity of 2 megabits (Mb), and the "SHN" typically denotes the organization of the memory array.

  3. Page and Block Architecture: Flash memory devices often organize data into pages and blocks for efficient read and write operations. The AT45DB021E-SHN-T likely employs a page-based architecture with the ability to erase data at the block level.

  4. Low-Power Operation: Many Flash memory devices are designed to operate with low power consumption, making them suitable for battery-powered or energy-efficient devices.

  5. Wide Operating Voltage Range: Flash memory devices often support a range of operating voltages to accommodate different power supply requirements in various applications.

  6. Reliability and Endurance: Flash memory devices are designed for reliable, long-term data storage, and the AT45DB021E-SHN-T is likely to have features that enhance data integrity and endurance.

  7. Extended Temperature Range: Depending on the intended applications, Flash memory devices may be specified to operate within extended temperature ranges to suit various environmental conditions.

  8. Compact Package: The "T" in the model name indicates that the AT45DB021E-SHN-T comes in a surface-mount package, providing a compact and space-efficient form factor for integration onto printed circuit boards.

Designers often choose Flash memory devices like the AT45DB021E-SHN-T when they need non-volatile storage with a serial interface for their embedded systems. Before integrating this device into a project, it's important to refer to the latest datasheets and documentation provided by Dialog Semiconductor to obtain detailed and accurate information about its features and specifications.   

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