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IMAGE PART NO. PRICE QUANTITY STOCK MANUFACTURE DESCRIPTION Vgs - Gate-Source Voltage Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Series Number of Channels Length Height Configuration Technology Transistor Polarity Channel Mode Rise Time Fall Time Transistor Type Package Installation style Factory packaging quantity unit weight Vds-drain source breakdown voltage Id-continuous drain current Rds On-drain source on-resistance Pd-power dissipation Typical shutdown delay time Typical on-delay time Widt
ON Semiconductor MOSFET N-Ch LL UltraFET PWM Optimized 20 V - 55 C + 175 C ISL9N310 1 Channel 10.29 mm 7.88 mm Single Si N-Channel Enhancement 52 ns 36 ns 1 N-Channel Tube Through Hole 50 2.387 g 30 V 62 A 15 mOhms 70 W 39 ns 11 ns 4.83 mm
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