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Alcor Micro

About Alcor Micro

Established in 1999, Alcor Micro Corporation is a Taiwan based, fabless IC Design Company with an engineering team origin from Santa Clara, heart of Silicon Valley. Alcor specializes in designs, develops, and marketing highly integrated semiconductors as well software solutions for personal computer peripheral and consumer electronics. Innovative technology solutions are the core of what Alcor Micro offers to our customers. With our continuously growing top tier customer list, high volume output & technology requirement, we achieve a high degree of partnership with major semiconductor foundries worldwide. Alcor Micro was the first company that bring an ultra-low cost USB Hub controller to the PC market and deliver single chip USB keyboard & hub solution in 1999, which was design in Apple iMac computer(the world’s first ‘USB only’ PC). Alcor is one of the leaders in low cost, single chip USB solutions as well other applications. As our continued efforts to better serve our customers, Alcor recently rearranged organization into four business units and strategically focus on 2 major product lines: Storage Device Controllers: Provides mobile device, data link, USB flash disk, SSD storage controllers. Input & Output devices and Multi Media: Provides Human interface I/O solutions, such as flash media reader, USB hub, camera and other multimedia related controllers. Carry 11+ years’ experience of delivering low cost, integrated IO solutions, Alcor certainly will provide our customers with innovative products at a very competitive price.