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In the mid 1990's, Davicom started producing and commercializing the first generation of its Remote Monitoring and Control Systems. From the very beginning, these unique systems were designed, developed and maintained by Comlab with a single objective in mind: to provide the broadcast and telecommunications industries with an efficient & intelligent monitoring and control system for their remote transmission sites. Over the years, new capabilities were added to maintain the product's position as an industry innovator. From initial VT-100 terminal communications, through the addition of fax & voice capabilities, the units have evolved to the present secure-Internet version with SNMP V3 functionality and iOS/Android App support. Full backwards compatibility is still maintained with older units, and newer units still have VT-100, voice & fax capability. Davicom systems are used worldwide by industry leaders such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Bell Mobility, stations of the US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as well as Environment Canada’s Weather-Radio Network.