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Fresco Logic

About Fresco Logic

Fresco Logic is the leading developer in providing advanced I/O silicon that deliver highly efficient connectivity such as USB 3.1, F-One Aggregation, USB Type-C, USB Video, and USB Power Delivery for next-generation consumer electronics, mobile, and industrial IoT. Today, Over One Billion USB3.0/1 ports in the world has adopted Fresco Logic technology. Fresco’s core team members are from Intel, Synopsys, NXP, Cypress, MTK, Faraday, UMC, Novatek etc. For almost two decades, the key members of the Fresco Team were actively involved in and participated in many disruptive technology changes in the computer I/O interconnect and networking fields, including directly contributing to the success of USB3.0, fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand and PCI Express. The Fresco team has a proven track record of delivering the industry’s first and best products in many key technology fields. Its chips are used in mobile phones, computers, smart devices, 4K/8K displays, next-generation SSD solid-state storage interfaces, Optical cables, industrial IoT and Automotive electronics.